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Co-Development Is Innovation

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Best of both worlds: The co-creation of value

In a rapidly changing world, most innovative solutions are created through collaboration.

We have truly entered the era of collaboration. In many industries process based co-development has become much easier thanks to new technologies and the internet. Co-development and co-work are becoming standard concepts when it comes to ideation, creation, quality assurance, marketing, and the launch of new products.

Nevertheless, at the same time most products are undergoing an increase in complexity and the globalized marketplace is becoming more and more competitive by nature. For companies and startups that aim to launch innovative or new products these aspects pose significant challenges.

Today innovation requires the ability of product teams to dynamically change the process, and evolve toward a desired end product in an agile step-by-step approach.

Successful co-development processes that embrace cross-discipline collaboration need closer integration of the tools used for development, requirement mapping, modeling, configuration management, and more.

By adopting an integrated customary infrastructure, teams can reduce risks and become confident that they are building customer expectations.

Apart from infrastructure adopting the shared know-how in a co-development can also help teams develop innovative products faster and at potentially lower expense.

Co-development can synchronize the various stages of the development life cycles with a set of integrated tools, shared knowledge and capabilities for requirements, design and configuration, and change management.

The 5 phases of co-development

Co-development can improve your business and products from idea to launch. When partners decide to work together, the shared specialists can use their extensive knowledge of engineering, water and air treatment, new trends, market research, and innovation to create maximum value for you and your business, enabling you to achieve lasting results today and for many years to come.

1. Co-ideate

To develop and enhance ideas with shared specialists

The market is ever evolving, this requires innovation cycles to go faster. To be able to create new and innovative solutions, you need a strong grasp of market and consumer habits. Today, we need higher costs and expertise to create better products in a faster way.

At AétherSolutions, we understand the product, the market, the consumer, and the business.The best ideas sprout from co-development.

Together, the partners can build solutions with a collaborative approach and the shared capabilities in creation, product development, and beyond, can enhance a product and strengthen the business.

AétherSolutions provides full confidentiality in all aspects of our co-development approach.

2. Co-create

To create innovative solutions, one always needs the right combination of elements.

You need to collaborate with those who are dedicated to your market sector and really understand your business.

You also need a versatile structure which can be adapted to fulfill your exact project needs and your company’s way of operating.

At AétherSolutions, we combine collaboration, expertise and flexibility to construct the best customized solution for you. We have a profound understanding of how our water and air solutions interact with other components and how they will affect the final product of your choice.

3. Co-prove

Testing, proof (POW), and protection are of the highest importance for any development. Prove your product solution works and ensure it has the right quality.

Before starting the production and launching the product in the market it is crucial to test. At AétherSolutions, we have a hands-on approach to prototyping and testing that ensures the highest quality for the end product. It is important that the development satisfies all of its specifications from start to end.

We can share all necessary documentation to assist you with local legislation.

Quality assurance is always at the top of the agenda. Without proper quality assessment full-scale production is very risky because it is a way of preventing mistakes or defects in products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers.

4. Co-implement

Going from test set-up to full-scale production

At AétherSolutions, not only do we deliver unique, customized solutions, we follow our co-work closely every step of the way. We will support you throughout the process to resolve important issues, guide full scale-up–through implementation of prototype scale to your production, and ensure relevant testing.

Together we can reduce time to market and shorten the path to market success.

5. Co-launch

At AétherSolutions, we will guide you in the launch of your product.

We will co-work with you to investigate every opportunity together. We will share our know-how and capabilities in different stages across the value chain to better understand your business and help you optimize the development with lasting results today and tomorrow.

L’union fait la force

At AétherSolutions we understand your business. We know how crucial it is for you to find a partner which will collaborate across the value chain. From product ideation to launch, our valuable capabilities and knowledge can help you take new opportunities and conquer market challenges.

Together we can create longstanding value for you and your business.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller


AétherSolutions is a manufacturing lab and workshop that is dedicated to the conception and development of solutions that tackle real issues regarding the revision of existing residential equipment. It has been set up in Luxembourg to bring technology and dedicated solutions as an answer to real demands from experts and from the business.

It operates as an “atelier” or workshop, so although it can produce its own products, it is also offering actual development expertise as a service to the market.

AétherSolutions has:

  • the possibility to mobilize a team that will conceive and develop the solution on the spot

  • the experience & intelligence to manage projects

  • the experience & intelligence to conceive new solutions

  • the experience & intelligence to conceptualize the manufacturing

  • the know-how to process what and why

For more information please contact us here.


Photo source: Núria i JC // Flickr

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