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Consideration for a quality insurance associated with a service insurance.

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

As you might know better than us, the quality of water for your “home gardening” is very important. There are many reasons why bad water can produce bad crops. The quality of the water we are able to produce, anywhere, at any time, could be the solution for most of the water issues you can think about.

Whether it is municipal water or well water, monitoring and testing are important to ensure the successful production of lettuce and green leafy vegetables. There could be pH problems associated with municipal water because most municipal waters are made neutral or alkaline to prevent pipe corrosion.

With our proposed solution the only infrastructure problems you could face are dependent on your internal setup. But they can all be mastered.

Depending on the “geographical” situation of your garden setup for example, our produced water might require some add-ons like fertilizer, but overall that is not so difficult to organize.

We are the best investment you can make in adopting our water production method to improve and sustain the quality of your gardening process.

The Fountair water-making robot - a quality insurance associated with a service insurance

We are introducing the first autonomous and at the same time remotely manageable water-making gardening robot to the market. A robot that produces pure drinking water in a safe and sustainable way. It is the best water quality that you may require for the comfort of your home garden.

Just consider the function and service rendered by such a robot? Keep on reading… it might inspire you

Think of the advantages a water-making gardening robot, that can deliver potable water to your home garden at any time, can offer in case you are absent during your holidays, but also think of the following:

Logical thinking imposes us to consider that to produce quality vegetables from your home garden you will need to use the best quality of pure potable water. This is exactly what Fountair’s Gardening Water Robot produces and delivers; other types of water have disadvantages, either because of their intrinsic quality or of their delivering system or because of both.

The Function of the Fountair Water Robot

Through an intricate process of air treatment, water extraction, and water treatment, the robot can deliver pure drinking water on the spot in a clean manner without making use of any additional products or maintenance (apart from changing the filters once a year).

And the produced water can be programmed to enhance the quality of the soil of the garden.

Self-controlling its operation

By connecting the robot to the Internet of Things (IoT) accepting remote water orders and controlling its performance through the interface of an app, with practical features sensing the hygrometry, for example, is now possible.

We can imagine that the actual production of the potable water for your garden, needed in a week, varies from day to day depending on the weather conditions that will dictate how many times one has to water the garden on a given day. Because of the fact that the water-making robot can extract the water from the air at any time, we should rethink our needs to store water for long-term use, or even to connect the watering system to an existing tap.

The time of production can be perfectly integrated with the native calendar of our mobile phone for example in accordance with weather and other soil conditions.

It’s an on-demand production process, that will eliminate the need for water storage

Another great mobile feature will be the programming of the actual quality of the water depending on the need for some additional components.

In this way you could speak of customized water, the robot will serve you the water quality of your real needs.

Apart from many other features improving the comfort and security of the water, the communication between human and robot can and should happen in both ways. The human can program and command what, how much and when from one side. But from the other side, in some cases the robot might have a word to say too, it could tell the human to start watering more, for example when daily atmospheric conditions dictate a minimum of water need for the garden.


The advantages such a robot can bring you are the result of our consideration to place you at the center of our thinking process at the time of its conception and realization.

We are only giving a few examples here:

  1. You will permanently have pure drinking water available for watering your home garden.

  2. You don't have to think about when, and how long you have to open your water tap.

  3. You have the comfort to give a water production order remotely to the 'Fountair Gardening Water Robot” directly through the app.

All the benefits mentioned above represent an insurance for the quality of your drinking water and for the comfort service offered by the robot.

You will obtain total autonomy when it comes to your daily drinking water.

We are delivering the missing part of the watering system - the Gardening Water Robot - to produce the requested quantity of water of quality anytime and anywhere. You can use it in combination with your existing watering system or with the watering system you will purchase.

  • OFF-grid & ON-grid electrical solutions

  • Scalable Water Capacity Production. Just tell the daily quantity you will need.

  • Ground, Terrace, Roof, Greenhouse

A quality insurance associated with a service insurance.
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