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The Fountair water-making robot. A quality insurance associated with a service insurance

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

We are introducing the first autonomous and at the same time remotely manageable water-making robot to the market. A robot that produces pure drinking water in a safe and sustainable way, from the comfort of your home.

Just consider the function and service rendered by such a robot? 

Keep on reading… it might inspire you.

We often imagine domestic robots as humanoid machines. In reality they can, of course, take any practical form.

Fountair has recently analyzed the idea of a new variant of the so-called domestic robot. Domestic robots (or service robots) are robots programmed to do household jobs, provide comfort, educate or entertain and are autonomous to a lesser or a greater degree. 

From kitchen robots, robotic vacuum cleaners, floor-washing robots that have wet mops and use disposable cleaning cloths to automatic self-cleaning cat litter robots, in 2006 there were allegedly 3,540,000 domestic service robots in use.

The Function of the Fountair Water Robot

Through an intricate process of air treatment, water extraction, and water treatment, the robot can deliver pure drinking water on the spot in a clean manner without making use of any additional products or maintenance (apart from changing the filters once a year).

And the produced water can be programmed to be at your taste. 

Self-controlling its operation

By connecting the robot to the Internet of Things (IoT), or the Internet of Robotic Things even (IoRT), accepting remote water orders and controlling its performance through the interface of an app, with practical features sensing the hygrometry, for example, are now possible. 

We can imagine that the actual production of the drinking water, needed in a week, varies from day to day depending on how much time one spends at home on a given day. Because of the fact that the water-making robot can extract the water from the air at any time, we should rethink our needs to store water for long-term use. The time of production can be perfectly integrated with the native calendar of our mobile phone for example.

It’s an on-demand production process, that will eliminate the need for water storage in plastic bottles of any kind.

Another great mobile feature will be the programming of the actual taste of the water and the mineral content, again through the app. Not unlike applying filters to your Instagram pictures, a choice of tastes or minerals like sodium, for example, can be added to the water. 

In this way you could speak of customized water, the robot will serve you the water concoction of your own choice.

Apart from many other features improving the comfort and security of your drinking water, the communication between human and robot can and should happen in both ways. The human can program and command what, how much and when from one side. But from the other side, in some cases the robot might have a word to say too, it could urge the human to drink more water, for example, when the human’s daily minimum intake has not been reached.


The advantages such a robot can bring you are the result of our consideration to place you at the center of our thinking process at the time of its conception and realization.     

We are only giving a few examples here:

  1. You will permanently have pure drinking water available of your own taste

  2. You don't have to think about when, where, and how many bottles of water you have to purchase at the supermarket.

  3. You actually don't have to perform the act of going to the supermarket.

  4. You have the comfort to give your water production order remotely to the 'Fountair Robot” through the app.

All the benefits mentioned above represent an insurance for the quality of your drinking water and for the comfort service offered by the robot.

You will obtain total autonomy when it comes to your daily drinking water.

A quality insurance associated with a service insurance. 

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